Monday, December 8, 2008

Lead Generator Scams

I was sitting here looking at my blog and realized.........How boring! Sure there's a lot of good info on here, and hopefully you've learned something, but not too entertaining.

If you're new to this blog....sorry bout that.

So below is a new video that my good friend Chris Malta did that talks about Lead Generator Scams. This is how these scams work. They get you to buy a $50 product that makes huge claims about the kind of money you'll make. Then after they've gotten your email, phone number, and other personal info, the "fun" begins. All this info is a "lead", hence the "lead generator scams" title.

So enjoy and if you like what you see Chris has a whole series of other videos about various other scams. Just head over to Chris' Scambuster Page or click the link below the video.

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Alan Kassirer said...

I sure hope lots of people read this because there are many scams out there. Every day I get emails with get rich quick schemes that are invariably scams. Chris Malta, on the other hand, is the real deal. Listen to what he says, he knows what he's talking about!

Cindy Carman said...

I wished I had seen this video before I fell into the lead generator scam. In my situation, I purchased a product at what seemed a reasonable price and then a pop-up window came up with a phone number indicating that I needed to contact customer service. They entrapped me into another program. Even though I was confused and started to question them, their telemarketers did a great job at deception. I can only hope that karma comes back 1 million times over to these scammers. Thanks for your blog and free advice!