Thursday, December 4, 2008

Update to Nigerian Scams

So I was watching Oprah today. Don't laugh lol. She was doing an episode on nigerian scams, so I thought I'd update you guys on something interesting I learned.

A new form of these nigerian email scams go like this. They email you with an official looking logo saying they are from the nigerian chamber of commerce type of thing. They say in this email, that they are sorry you've been a victim of these 419 nigerian scams and we'd like to pay you back for the trouble it's caused you.

Sounds pretty good right? Wrong? They then say if you send us $4,000 for processing, they will in turn send you $1,000,000.

Pretty crazy huh?

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Cindy said...

Hey Dana,

I also watched that Oprah show. It is amazing how many people fall for all kinds of scams! I found the segment on the Romance Scam most interesting, so I wrote a blog entry about that. Check it out!