Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lottery VS. You

So this entry is a little different than what I'm usually talking about, but interesting nonetheless. I was thinking recently about how much money people spend on the lottery, hoping and wishing to hit "the big one".

I work with people who buy powerball tickets every time there is a drawing. Usually they buy at least 5 $1 tickets. Now the Powerball has 3 drawings a week. So if you add it up $15 a week times 52 weeks, you get $780.

Can you imagine putting that money into starting your own business? Instead of hoping to hit it big, you are actually working towards a real opportunity to make real money. I started my own online store 8 months ago for less than $500, but that doesn't include future marketing costs. I think realistically you could start up for under $1000. That's just going without buying your lottery tickets for a year. Not a bad trade off if you ask me.

So next time your in the grocery store or gas station, and you look over at the powerball machine, stop for a second or two and make a choice that might just change your life.

It's You VS. The Lottery, Which One Will You Choose?


Cindy said...

I don't personally play the lottery, but this is great advice Dana! Many people think oh it is just 5 bucks. But that $5 adds up as you pointed out. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Chris Malta said...

Very good point, Dana! Most people don't think about the money they toos away in everyday life that could actually make that life far less "everyday"!

baca85 said...

Hey as you know Dana I quite like my poker but my grandparents don't approve of gambling. Even though i do pretty well at poker. Yes they must spend at least £150 a year on it and maybe win a £10 once in a blue moon. I think this year i have won about $2k in profit over about $25k worth of games lol.