Monday, November 24, 2008

Product Scams On Craigslist

So like a lot of you, I frequent Craigslist. I've actually purchased 3 things off of there, and have found most of the people on there to be pretty honest with what they sell. What I want to talk about are craiglist scams.

Last year right after Christmas, I decided I wanted to buy a new t.v. Either an lcd or plasma. So I decided to check out craigslist and see what people were selling. There were some really good deals, and some "too good to be true" deals. Which obviously tempted me greatly lol.

So I found a person claiming to have a 42" brand new plasma t.v. for like 2-300 bucks. Now if you know t.v's at all then you know that is nearly impossible to find unless it's broken or something like that.

So I inquired anyway. I got an email the next day saying if I was interested they would immediately send it out via ups or fedex, something like that. So I said ok. I figured what can it hurt.

So they emailed me a couple days later with a pdf file image showing the "shipping label" which looked to be authentic. Now when I went to track the shipment, of course it never showed up. So I called fed ex and they told me that they had a record of the label being printed, but it hadn't been shipped yet.

That right there told me....SCAM

Anyway I didn't lose any money thankfully, and a few months later finally got my t.v. with a lot of overtime work and it was brand new. It makes you appreciate it more when you really have to work for it.

So there you go friends, just another thing to watch out for. Don't be fooled by these shipping labels that people print to make you think they've ship your product.

And on another note, when dealing with craigslist, always meet in person and pay cash and see the actual product.

Until next time.

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