Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nigerian Scams

So I was checking out one of my new favorite scambusting blogs scam victims united. Their link is in my trusted resources.

Anyway they shared a story about an email Nigerian Scam, that a woman from Oregon lost $400,000 to. This really hit home because I too am from oregon and I too almost fell into that trap one time. Not the same nigerian scam but one similar.

Now this one was actually very sneaky about it. I found this person through one of those date sites, like This was long before I was married, so don't worry lol.

This person would send me pictures of a really hot "model" as they called themselves made up an elaborate story, and then after talking a while said she really wanted to come see me in the u.s. So I gave this person my address and they sent me a money order for some crazy amount. It of course had a Nigerian bank name on it.

So I asked this person why do you need me to cash this for you when the bank is in africa. Obviously they gave some bull crap answer and since then I never talked to that person again.

I was one of the lucky few, who got out before I got hurt, but I know many of you haven't. So keep a watch out for these nigerian scams. Delete the emails and be strong.

Click on the link to the story to read the whole thing

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